"space called, I answered .. and space is what I am"

Gian-Marco Cabibbe, founder, owner, & responsible for everything

Gian-Marco Cabibbe is a space scientist, former airborne army ranger (special forces), multi-domain superiority specialist, bush pilot, aerobatic instructor, and a mission readiness & operations engineer with an academic background in applied physics / space science & space engineering and research experience in orbital systems, in long-duration human spaceflight, and in space habitats. A mission commander for several variable gravity flights and weather reconnaissance missions, Gian-Marco has been a technical observer of 43 Space Shuttle missions, of 12 Soyuz/MIR/ISS missions and a project management consultant for the ISS Columbus module, and the A330 MRTT, the NH90 TTH/NFH, the Eurofighter, & the A400M aircraft.

Gian-Marco is the founder & CEO of TORBJOERGS, a large-scale project development mixed holding company, of CORMORANT CONSTELLATION, a pan-European maritime security and defense holdings, research, service, & trading company, of LUXURY ARMORS, a visionary "beyond what´s next" design bureau dedicated to bridging the most advanced space & defense technologies with the most luxurious, exclusive lifestyle, and of ASTROBIONIX, a NewSpace think tank dedicated to the development of advanced technologies for human space exploration and for operations in the Earth´s harshest environments. Moreover, he is the creator of the TRIESTE LIVING SEALAB concept, of DUCKWORX, an amphibious systems research group, and of ROCKTHOR, the first center of competence dedicated to preparedness & family safety in urban & peri-urban settings.

Born in Milan, Italy in 1969 to a family of Milanese, Istrian, Jewish, and Chinese descent, but calling Cocoa Beach, Florida home, Gian-Marco currently spends most of his time between the South Tyrolean Alps and the Trieste Gulf shores. He speaks Italian and English at mother tongue level, besides having a very good command of German. He considers himself of Istrian-Italian ethnicity.  A staunch supporter of Zionism and right-libertarianism, Gian-Marco is a polymath with an eclectic range of interests including security science, prepping & survival, cognitive security, systems thinking, geopolitics, history, and art. He is a follower of the late writer, economist, & singer Howard Ruff, of survivalist James Wesley Rawles, and of the late US President Ronald Reagan.  A long-term member of the NRA, he is an advocate of firearm safety & gun rights.  Passionate about off-road racing and cross-country rallying, Gian-Marco developed THOR, a combination of racing & combat vehicle, as there is no better proving ground than a grueling Baja race. THOR was displayed at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show. He was also an investor in other special vehicle projects and a current investor in special boat projects.

Holder of several maritime security certifications (PFSO, OFSO, CSO, & MSO), Gian-Marco is currently pursuing further education in emergency services management & aerospace cybersecurity.  Join Gian-Marco´s LinkedIn network.

The logo: on the foreground, the logo depicts the first character of the Chinese word for "outer space" (太空), thus underlying Gian-Marco´s heritage in the space sector. It is also used as the crest of the Cabibbe family. In the background, it depicts the "vegvísir", an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather .. a very appropriate symbol for somebody dedicated to exploration, survival, and bold investments in disruptive concepts.  The colors: the official colors, solid or in MultiCam pattern, are deep blue to symbolize space, the sky, & the oceans, tactical green to symbolize the land and the defense & security expertise, black to symbolize our committment to law enforcement, international orange to symbolize safety, training, experimental prototypes and as a homage to research pilots and Space Shuttle astronauts, and a white shadow to symbolize the whole electromagnetic spectrum & ethical cyber hacking.