Gian-Marco Cabibbe is a portfolio entrepreneur and a highly regarded advisor specialized in human-centered protection & all-hazards risk management, in coastal defense & fortification, in amphibious operations & expeditionary force protection, and in the use of advanced military technologies for private maritime security.  Gian-Marco operates from his offices in Northeast Italy and in South East England.

Gian-Marco Cabibbe is the creator, founder, owner, and CEO in a variety of projects and companies.  But his preferred title is "Responsible For Everything", as he always deals with business in first person. 

A true "space nut", and absolutely politically incorrect, Gian-Marco has an academic background in astrophysics and space systems, a very long professional career in the aerospace & defense industries, an extensive experience in tactical operations, and a passion for anything related to safety & security, especially for the utilization of defense & space technologies in the private security sector.

A certified PFSO, CSO, & OFSO, trained in combat diving, an avid sailor and currently an ISPS Code advisor, Gian-Marco is a leading expert in maritime target hardening, i.e. reducing the vulnerability of any type of maritime target (ports, port facilities, coastal communities, vessels, offshore & undersea infrastructures, etc.) against acts of terrorism (physical, cyber, & electromagnetic attacks, etc.), against natural disasters (tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.) or against man-made disasters (industrial accidents, nuclear accidents, etc.)

Born in Milano, Italy in 1969, Gian-Marco lived and worked in over 10 different countries. He is a former fixed & rotary-wing flight instructor, flight test engineer, parabolic flight specialist, and spaceflight candidate.  Now he enjoys his personal & professional life in Italy, dividing his time between Bolzano & Trieste, and in Istria, land of origin of his family.  You can read more about him by joining his professional network on LinkedIn.

He is currently the CEO of the following companies:

  • TORBJOERGS SRL / LTD:  fully owned by the Cabibbe Family, TORBJOERGS is a mixed holding & consultancy firm specialized in integrated design engineering & architecture, in large-scale defense & security projects, in smart infrastructure & smart life projects, in defense procurement & acquisition, and in the creation & launching of innovative ventures.
  • sspace biomedical research, and space habitat engineering.
  • CORMORANT CONSTELLATION is a global B2B group of companies specialized in consulting, design, development, sourcing, brokering, trading, procurement, acquisition, and distribution of defense & security equipment, special aircraft & boats, armored vehicles, personal body armor, necessity goods, emergency supplies, raw materials & manufactured goods, and matériel in general mainly for national armed forces, law enforcement & homeland security agencies, international organizations, civil protection & disaster management agencies, and private security companies.  CORMORANT CONSTELLATION also provides specialized maritime security consulting services for the luxury yacht sector,  actionable intelligence consulting services to industries operating in high-risk areas, and technical development services for the European aerospace & defense industry.

        • LUXURY ARMORS: a division of CORMORANT CONSTELLATION, is our premium brand of luxury clothing and items of a luxurious lifestyle, all characterized by a high level of security and safety.

        • ROCKTHOR RURBAN SURVIVAL SCHOOL: a division of CORMORANT CONSTELLATION, is a science-based disaster preparedness & readiness academy providing family-, community-, and/or corporate-oriented coaching, training, and mentoring in regard to disaster survival and personal safety in urban, peri-urban, and rural settings.