I am an independent security professional specialized in security risk management, security training, security engineering, maritime aviation, and in the utilization of the most advanced defense & space technologies for private security applications.

I am also a procurement intermediary for all sorts of aircraft, ships, yachts, armored vehicles, rolling stock, containers, industrial machinery, hi-tech equipment, and personal & collective protection equipment, and an acquisition advisor for the aerospace & defense industry.


Amphibious Security: the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "amphibious" as ".. adapted for both land and water" or " .. executed by coordinated action of land, sea, and air forces ..". We lead an amphibious life .. we breathe air, we perform best on land, but we can comfortably live on water, in the proximity of water, and now, thanks to new technologies, even under water (and in outer space for that matter).

My concept of "amphibious security" is a completely seamless integration of tactics, technologies, and training suitable for all operating environments, ranging from yachts & ships in port-to-port navigation, to all communities along the coastlines, to riverine transport and connected activities.

My Company .. a Matter of Trust: in 1995, I established GIAN-MARCO CABIBBE, a sole proprietorship which "followed" me around the world for all these years.  In this period of time I created several ventures in the form of limited companies, but I have always been providing all my consulting services via the sole proprietorship.  As sole proprietor, I am personally liable for all my activities and commitments, and whilst this might not be the smartest way of doing business, for me it is the most honest one .. after all, if you let me handle your security, if you trust me with your life and the life of your loved ones, it is only fair that I put my life on the table too, and that I do not hide behind worthless 1€ LTDs.  The sole proprietorship is registered in Greece & Italy (the Countries I am a resident of), and I have my own physical points-of-presence at the various Partners´ locations in different Countries .. no virtual offices, no mailboxes, no prestigious addresses c/o an accountant, but real presence in over 340 ports & marinas worldwide.

My Idea of Security: security is neither a service nor a product nor a cost, but rather it is a competitive advantage based on a cross-disciplinary strategy of prevention & preemption whereby processes, systems, and services are designed & integrated to eliminate vulnerabilities, to reduce the probability of incidents, to mitigate accidents, to hinder malicious acts, and to protect human life and human activities against any natural or man-made threat.

My Philosophy: the best security strategy is to make any attack against your assets too inconvenient to carry out.

My "Left-Of-Bang" Tagline: it clearly indicates that I am focused on prevention & preemption, rather than on sheer reaction.

The Most Important Lesson Life Taught Me .. and My Value to You: a private security advisor must - almost invariably - get involved in the most intimate dynamics of a Client´s life, family, and work.  My 25+ years of professional experience will give you the best security strategy, but my 50+ years of life experience with all the mistakes I made give me the tools to understand certain dynamics, why you need a certain type of security, when you might need a different type of security, and how to manage things when the "It will never happen to me" becomes "How in the world did I end up in this situation?".  I can assure you that no matter what "this situation" might be, I have probably experienced it before in my own life.

My Way of Working: in order to give my Clients the absolute best service, my undivided attention, my unlimited availability, and an unprecedented level of privacy & secrecy, I work for just one Client at a time, and I am the sole & exclusive point of contact for that Client.