Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) is defined by the International Maritime Organization as the effective understanding of anything associated with the maritime domain that could impact the security, safety, economy, or environment.

The maritime domain is defined as all areas and things of, on, under, relating to, adjacent to, or bordering on a sea, ocean, or other navigable waterway, including all maritime-related activities, infrastructure, people, cargo, and vessels and other conveyances is the key factor in any security strategy.

From a security perspective, MDA also includes the underwater sector such as sea lines of communication, exploration & resources extraction, coastal waters and varied maritime assets with reference to hostile intent and the proliferation of submarine and mine capabilities intended to limit access to the seas and littoral waters. The military requirement is not the only motivation for undersea domain awareness. The Earth’s undersea geophysical activities as they relate to the well-being of humans is also relevant, as monitoring such activities can provide vital clues to minimize the impact of devastating natural disasters.

CABIBBE is a well-respected advisor for all things connected to MDA.  We provide:

- geopolitics & GEOINT analysis
- risk analysis
- personal & corporate travel management
- travel security
- briefing & training
- crisis management
- emergency response
- insurance

We operate on any vessel, on any offshore infrastructure, and in any operational scenario.

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