TARPON-1 is our very own development of an inherently-armored, stealth escape tender yet fully capable to sustain your business operations even in emergency settings. 

With the name obviously inspired by the US President´s "mobile White Houses" and by a fish renowned for its leaping abilities and strength, TARPON-1 is meant for two specific sectors:

  • as luxury escape tender for any mega-yacht, capable of carrying up to 6 people in complete comfort and survivability;

  • as utility escape tender for oil rigs, capable of carrying up to 16 people in complete safety.

TARPON-1 has been designed on the basis and as a combination of the best of two revolutionary boats, the Barracuda Stealth Interceptor and the XSV 17 Interceptor, both made by Safehaven Marine of Cork, Ireland.

Common characteristics to both the luxury and the utlility versions are:

  • length: 60´, width: 14´, draft: < 3´

  • wavepiercing hull

  • unsinkable & self-righting

  • OPTICALLY STEALTH .. very low optical visibility with our special camouflage

  • ELECTRONICALLY STEALTH .. up to 80% RCS reduction with the most advanced RAM technology

  • full armoring at NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA

  • external & internal blast & shrapnel protection polyurea coating

  • safe room armoring at NIJ 0108.01 Level III

  • safe room protection against CBRN attacks

  • safe room privacy against electronic eavesdropping

  • full aerial, surface, and underwater perimeter protection

  • counter-drone protection with intercept - lock - destroy capabilities

  • survivability up to WMO Sea State 8 and Beaufort 11

  • fully operational up to WMO Sea State 6 and Beaufort 7

  • power: 4000hp (2 x 2000 hp MAN) with SDS surface drives

  • fuel capacity: 5000L diesel

  • top speed: approx 70 kts, range: 600 nm @ 40kts

  • suitable for 6 people (luxury configuration) or 16 (standard configuration)

  • self-sustaining re. power & drinking water production

  • passive defense systems, decoy flares, chaffs, smoke screen, electroshock system to prevent pirate boarding, etc.

  • full satcom / satnav provision on all frequency bands

  • all systems are protected against high-energy electromagnetic pulses

  • standard systems: fire suppression, lightning protection, air conditioning, air filtering, generator, etc.

Customization for each version:

  • luxury accomodation up to 6 people in total comfort
  • utility accomodation up to 12 people
  • utility transport up to 16 people

  • luxury / elegant interiors with queen-size beds
  • utility / rugged interiors with bunk beds

  • luxury custom colors, lighting, decor
  • utility black, tactical camo, razzle dazzle camo

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