LIVING SEALAB is a maritime security living lab concept born from the merger of several ideas, and in particular of "Trieste, the Mediterranean Capital of Security Science", "Trieste Security Research Think-Tank", & "P.O.R.T.S. - Proactive Operations Research for Terminal Security - 4.0", all published on my LinkedIn profile, starting back in 2017.

LIVING SEALAB is dedicated to the loving memory of Leon Klinghoffer, murdered by craven Palestinians during the "Achille Lauro" ship hijacking in 1985 just because he was a Jew, an American, and because he stood up to them although he was wheelchair-bound.  He was killed and thrown overboard in front of his family in this "typical Palestinian" criminal act.  This incident gave birth to the concept of "maritime security".


In Loving Memory of Leon Klinghoffer

(NYC, Sept. 24th, 1916 - Achille Lauro, Oct. 8th, 1985)

A Brief History of Maritime Security: for many years, since the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, the international community had only been talking about "maritime safety", i.e. the protection of human life at sea.  The vile terrorist attack to the Achille Lauro perpetrated by the coward Palestinians in 1985, triggered the creation of maritime "security", rather than "safety", although limited to cargo protection.  It was only after the 9/11 events, that the international community extended the security concept to all activities & people at sea and at seaports by introducing the ISPS Code.  The ISPS Code is the basis for modern maritime security. If the 1985 Achille Lauro incident, the 1988 City of Poros incident, the 2000 USS Cole bombing, and the 2001 9/11 events laid the foundations of modern maritime security, the current threat scenario based on aerial & underwater drones, cyber & electromagnetic attacks, and well-equipped pirates proves that the ISPS Code as such is no longer effective and that a new approach to maritime security has to be implemented.

Living Lab: a "living lab" is usually defined as " .. user-centred, open innovation ecosystems based on a systematic user co-creation approach integrating research and innovation processes in real life communities and settings .. ". In other words, contrary to a traditional research lab, the living lab is a real-life environment (city, community, etc.) in which concepts, technologies, and lifestyles are experimented by its inhabitants.

Our Idea of Security:  security is neither a service nor a product nor a cost, but rather it is a competitive advantage based on a cross-disciplinary strategy of prevention & preemption whereby processes, systems, and services are designed & integrated to eliminate vulnerabilities, to reduce the probability of incidents, to mitigate accidents, to hinder malicious acts, and to protect human life and human activities against any natural or man-made threat.

.. security is simply protection based on situational awareness, prevention, and preemption ..


Trieste is the melting pot of many cultures & religions, all living peacefully together.  Trieste is the home of many of the world´s most prestigious research centers, where scientists of all ethnicities and beliefs work together harmoniously.  Trieste is at the crossroad of Mediterranean, Balkanic, and Northern European exchanges.  Trieste is now the main port for commerce with the Far East and is one of the most important oil terminals.  In other words, Trieste is the perfect example of why terrorism has no reason to exist, and hence this makes this beautiful city with a glorious past and an incredible future as the perfect target.  Trieste had already been attacked in 1972 by the same Palestinian group which massacred the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics of the same year.  Creating this project in Trieste is also proof-of-concept for us, against any type of terrorism.

TRIESTE LIVING SEALAB is today a security science think-tank focused on:

Whether it is a private luxury yacht or a war ship, a luxury mansion or a port terminal, what is needed is a security based on space-age technologies, on early detection & geospatial intelligence capabilities, on engineering & resilience, on prevention & avoidance, and on independence from any power, fuel or food supplied by third parties.  In other words, a Regenerative Maritime Security.

hyperSEAcurity: Regeneration in Maritime Security

  • our own concept for a regenerative, predictive, holistic, sustainable, insightful, energy-aware security & resilience strategy for the maritime sector which adapts itself to ever-evolving scenarios, threats, mission objectives, or environmental parameters, while providing a virtually unlimited supply of resources (energy, food, water, etc.) with the help of the most advanced human space exploration technology & environmental engineering practices; initially designed for megayachts & waterfront mansions, it is suitable also for ports, facilites, ships, offshore infrastructures, and coastal communities;


  • a thought process integrating geopolitics, systems theory, intelligence gathering, psychology, maritime domain awareness data fusion, information security, cyber-physical security, energy security, business continuity, organizational resilience, personal & operational safety, doomsday survival concepts, and expedition & wilderness medicine;

  • a sustainable cross-disciplinary security strategy of prevention & preemption whereby processes, systems, and services are engineered to eliminate vulnerabilities, to reduce the probability of incidents, to mitigate accidents, to ensure operational resilience, to hinder malicious acts, and to protect human life and human activities against a multitude of simultaneous threats from asymmetric physical, cyber- & electromagnetic attacks to acts of war to natural hazards such as dangerous animals, earthquakes, tsunamis, storm surges and rising sea levels which might impair your defense systems.  A sustainable security must be discreet, fully integrated with the hosting environment, and not interfering with daily life routines;

  • smart .. AI-based threat identification, assessment, avoidance, deterrence, interception, interdiction, mitigation, and ultimately survival.

The P.O.R.T.S. 4.0 Project

"Proactive Operations Research for Terminal Security 4.0" ("P.O.R.T.S.4.0"), presents an innovative utilization of operations research (OR), a core discipline in military, defense, and homeland security management which includes artificial intelligence, cyber-physical security, defense solutions, big data, and IoT / IoE.

"P.O.R.T.S.4.0" offers a novel approach whereby port / maritime security is treated as a key characteristic of the Supply Chain 4.0 milieu, de facto becoming "Terminal Security 4.0". Being this a complex system, it will be subject to an FME(C)A process, thus becoming one of the most advanced applications of this method for maritime transport & supply chain security.

The final goal of "P.O.R.T.S.4.0" is to demonstrate that port / maritime security must be treated as any other embedded process (such as quality assurance) in order to be effective and economically & socially acceptable, and of course to provide analytical tools & technologies to implement this approach.