FLANKER-1 is our inherently-armored luxury leisure "fake" RIB, as the tubulars are full and bulletproof and not inflatable.

With the name inspired by one of our favorite aircrafts, the Su27, FLANKER-1 is meant to be a luxury tender for daily excursions which can also provide a complete ballistic protection in case of unexpected events.

Developed on the design of Opera60, FLANKER-1 incorporates the best of the comfort and security worlds.

The deep-V hull provides high speeds and good seakeeping capabilities even at max load.

Main characteristics:

  • length: 60´, width: 17´

  • OPTICALLY STEALTH .. very low optical visibility with our special camouflage

    • full armoring at NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA

    • external & internal blast & shrapnel protection polyurea coating

    • safe room armoring at NIJ 0108.01 Level III

    • full aerial, surface, and underwater perimeter protection

    • counter-drone protection with intercept - lock - destroy capabilities

      • power: 2000hp (2 x 1000 hp MAN) with SDS surface drives

      • fuel capacity: 5000L diesel

      • top speed: approx 50 kts, range: 600 nm @ 40kts

      • suitable for 6 people (accomodation) or 25 (day trip)

      • passive defense systems, decoy flares, chaffs, smoke screen, electroshock system to prevent pirate boarding, etc.

      • full satcom / satnav provision on all frequency bands

      • standard systems: fire suppression, lightning protection, air conditioning, air filtering, generator, etc.

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